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18650 battery pack customization introduction

Time:2019/7/2 15:24:36
18650 battery pack introduction:
1. Battery pack capacity and voltage customization range:
Support customized single-cell, multi-section, parallel, series combination rechargeable lithium battery pack
Support customized voltage range: 3.7V, 7.4V, 11.1V, 12V, 14.8V, 24V, 48V, 60V.......
Support customized capacity range: 1200--2000--2600--4000--8000--10000--20000--60000mAh

2. Combination of battery packs:
Parallel combination: all the positive poles of the battery are connected with the positive pole - the negative pole and the negative pole, and the combined capacity of the parallel combination is added, and the voltage is constant.
Series combination: all the positive poles of the battery are connected to the negative pole, the positive and negative phase strings, the combined capacity of the series is constant, and the voltages are increased.
Parallel series combination: There are parallel combination and series combination in the middle of the battery pack, so that the voltage is increased and the capacity is increased.

3. Battery terminal outlet:
Various terminal line charging and discharging interfaces can be provided for use in various electronic products, energy storage products, and backup power supplies.

4. Battery pack lithium battery protection part:
Lithium battery protection board can be added: it can play overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit, ntc temperature control intelligent protection.

5. Product pairing of lithium battery pack:
The lithium battery pack is a combination of multi-cell lithium batteries. It needs to be paired with batteries: voltage 10mV, capacity 30mAh, internal resistance 5mΩ, so the parameters such as B-product battery and fake battery are uneven, so it is not dare to use it. In case of fire.

6. Battery model design:
It is often seen that some of the above battery pack models are 18650-2P, 18650-4S3P, 18650-6S, 18650-3S2P, etc. These are shorthand for series and parallel connection. The English word in series is "Series", and the parallel English word is "Parallel", so the series is abbreviated as S and the parallel is abbreviated as P. 18650-2P is 18650-2 and combined, 18650-4S3P is 18650-4 string 3 and combined, 18650-6S is 18650-6 string combination, 18650-3S2P is 18650-3 string 2 and combined.

7. Lithium batteries do not match the use of problems:
The purpose of pairing is to achieve the same capacity, voltage, internal resistance and effect of each battery in the battery pack. Inconsistent will lead to the distance of various parameters in the process of using the lithium battery pack, resulting in voltage imbalance, and the time is long. It will be overcharged, over-discharged, and the capacity will not be exerted, causing the danger of an explosion.

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